Roof Repair

Crazy storm scares family

Storms can be both beneficial and a pain in the neck but mostly a pain in the neck. I found that out recently when a huge storm hit my home, it started out as a normal care free day like you see in those annoying TV sitcoms. The sky was some what cloudy but nothing to freak out over, I went about my day like I normally would.When I got home the sky had darken considerably to the point the sun was completely blocked out.

Just as I was inside the rain just poured down and the winds started picking up like god knows what, I mean HUGE 90 mph gusts the trees were bending like those stupid looking air dancers. My kids are looking at me like “You’re the weather man, DO right now!” I wish could’ve done something because they where sure as hell they where going to die, but when mother nature has to go she has to go. I tried to calm them down a little bit and just as I told them “nothing is going to happen” this tree that had been in the front yard came crashing through the roof into the guest room, so much for keeping them calm.

Everyone started screaming  (not me of course) and they hid in closet as I went to the back of the house where the guest room was.The tree had been pushed over by the wind made easy by the soaked ground. I’m still surprised that it didn’t bring the whole wall down, but it did a number on the roof one branch went clean through touching the floor. Rain was coming through the hole and the wind was ripping the loose shingles off like a band-aid pulling hairs off your leg.

Once the storm had passed and the kids came out the closet  (no pun intended) one thing was going through my mind “how much is this going to cost?” well the first thing I did was pull my phone and started checking online for a roof repair service in my local area. I had found one that looked legit and gave them a call, they where able start the repairs that day and they accepted my insurance another good thing because paying this out of pocket would’ve cost me a fortune. The tree got moved out of the way and the started removing all the useless scrap and replaced the damaged rafters and the whole nine yards.

I was surprised by the speed they were able to repair the roof, I mean they are getting paid to do it but these guys got it done like they had a gun to their heads or something. I hate bad weather and trees falling on my house but i know if it ever happens again I know that these guys are the ones I’m going to call, They’re fast, on time, friendly and trust worthy. That gets them a five star rating from start to finish in my book.




Will the big day is finally here and we have all the bells and whistles ready for the wedding. Yes Brandon and Mary Freehal will finally tie the knot, long over due and with much anticipation we have decided to get married and invite all of our friends!

We have planned this special day for all to long and have put forth an incredible amount of effort in bring all together. First let go back a few months ago to when I went to Argentina to ask Mary’s father for her hand in marriage.

The trip was nothing sort of out standing with all the mountains, new Culture, and wonderful people I was differently so exited to visit this amazing country. My future father in law picked me up at the air port in what would be one of the best limousines I have ever had the privilege to ride in.

Nothing short of amazing the limo was breath taking was all the extras and all the wonderful things you come to expect in a limousine ride. The limo drive spoke English very impressive, we had a really good conversation about his incredible country. So he decided to take for a look around the city, WOW! what an amazing tour he give me the history he shared and all the wonderful people I got to see.

This was the best auto ride ever in the history of my life I had taken.

I got to my future father in law’s home and what a house he has at a 2 million $$$$ home! I came down for dinner that night and the announcement was given to all the guest and family members. He went on to say ; It’s time to celebrate the weeding of our life time, my baby Mary is getting married to this wonderful gentlemen from america.

My heart melted in my chest and could not help but to shed a tear or two. What a night, what a family, what a chance of a life time to marry into a great family name like theirs.

My father in law is the  represented ambassador to america from Argentina and he is an amazing man.

When I got back state side I had to take another limousine ride on my own turf, so I call a local limousine company and booked a luxury limousine for my wedding. They helped answer all my questions and pick out the right driver and car for my exiting wedding.

When it was time for the wedding the limousine was right on time just like clock work! They were so professional, and I came to the conclusions at they were the best limousine service I had every had.







Did you know

Out of control!

There has been strong reports by the Texas state health associations that there is a massive out break of Rodent infestation in north Texas.

In the city of Fort Worth pest control industry has been staying very busy with this out break of rats. On any given do the rat problem would not be a problem but with new reports for the pest control association of Texas there without a doubt lays a problem.

Some say that some farmers had neglected the proper safety regulations for storing and disposing grain and other produce. Guess what, that lead to a huge outbreak in the already overpopulated rodent population. I mean rats where everywhere in grain bins, peoples houses, you name it they found their way in it and let me tell you it was pretty freakin bad. With the rats in everything I’m surprised they didn’t cause another nasty string of BLACK DEATH but thats not just lady luck  lifting her skirt to the human race.Here are some real solid reasons why we are not laying rows of bodies in the street.

  • The City had to contract pest control companies

Once the guys in the “higher ups” found about the hell that was the rat infestation they had to start making moves without causing a panic, because panic in a situation of this scale would be God awful.Those moves included city workers killing the rats by any means necessary, BB guns, poison,traps and they even tried the old cat chase mouse plan.Nothing seem to work they were just not equipped to fight this war.

So guess who they had to call? No not the Ghost Busters but pretty close.The city began contracting pest control companies in the local area to deal with the rat menace, “why?” you ask because they know what they are doing thats why. They have the right gear and skills to handle situations like this one. The war began but this time they had the special forces of pest control and they wasted no time cutting down their numbers.

  • Hard working team.

Unlike the first group who tried to remove the rat outbreak by killing the rats that dwelt on the surface.The pros started looking for the source of the problem. Like my grandma would always say “you can chop the head off a weed but if you don’t remove it by the root it will keep coming back”. The same thing goes with rats and the pros knew it, they started looking for the main cause of the outbreak. Turns out grain that wasn’t stored properly and the leaking irrigation systems had made the perfect breading grounds for rats.

  • They got it done!

The pros started setting up special poison  traps that would not kill the rats right then and there, the rats would get contaminated with the poison and go back to the nesting areas and poison the little rat babies and mothers.Harsh as that sounds but it needed to be done. They also told the owners of the grain bins and irrigation systems that they needed to clean out and repair their equipment or the problem would just keep coming back.Once all the farming stuff was repair and cleaned the rat population dropped like a drunk Lindsay Lohan. (I’m sorry I couldn’t resist).